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is a Designer and self-taught Independent Animator from Chile. His first approaches into the world of animation were throughout web communities such as Newgrounds and Loopdeloop, where he developed a style of cartoons with a tendency to absurd humor and a surrealist aesthetic.

He has been able to show his work at international animation festivals, along with other opportunitites such as Mantequillo, an interstitials micro-series exhibited in Cartoon Network Latin America.

Antonio, also known under the pseudonym Butzbo, is constantly creating new characters and exploring different formats to tell their stories, such as short films, animated loops, comics and videogames. In this last area he has worked as the designer and animator on games with web releases such as 'Dinomelt' and 'Ducks!', All of these interactive projects with a focus on character design and animation.

- Sprouting Frog Waves (2015)

- Lizard Brain Freeze (2016)

- Mantequillo (2017)

*Mini-Series for Cartoon Network LA
- Dogs of the Planet (2019)

- Mastica Astros (PC/MAC) (2016)
- Dinomelt (PC-Web) (2017)
- Ducks! (PC-Web) (2017)

- Curse of the Sock (PC-Web) (2020)