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​​2D Explorative Space Shooter

Platform: PC - MAC and Browser

Language: Spanish

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An enormous asteroid invasion is threatening Earth and the rest of the Solar System!

Mastica Astros is an action videogame where you take control of Mastica Astros, a mutant fish with the ability to eat matter and considerably increase its size.

This 4 levels action game has the added objective of giving notions about astronomy and physichs concepts: Themes such as gravity and movement in space, along with the variety and scale of different astronomical objects.

Project developed by Antenna Cheese and created with the funding and scientific support from Núcleo Milenio de Astrofísica.

Mastica astros basic sprites update - -.



Direction and Design - Antonio Villamandos

Drawings and Animation - Antonio Villamandos

Programming - Antonio Villamandos

Music by Moralo González

Support in scientific contents: Dante Minitti / Juan Carlos Beamin / Joyce Pullen

Made with the support from Núcleo Milenio de Astrofísica


Dinomelt - Original Soundtrack

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