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Interactive Animation

Brain-Toasting Dungeon

El Calabozo Tuesta-Cerebros

Bollo's weird luck found him falling into a twisted dungeon! Will you choose wisely to help him escape this unpredictable place?

A "Choose your own adventure" style animation. On many occassions you will be asked to choose among 2 or more options for Bollo to take.

This project was created for the Flash Forward Jam 2021, an event dedicated to the legacy of the Flash platform for animations and games which was extensively used for web content during the 2000 and 2010 decades. The Flash web plugin was discontinued earlier in the year, but the games made for this event still work thanks to an emulator in development called Ruffle.

Music by Moralo González Check out his work on Bandcamp!

Year: 2021
Country: Chile
Length: 2-5 minutes
Language: No dialog

Director: Antonio Villamandos
Designs and Animation: Antonio Villamandos
Music: Moralo González
Sound Design and Editing: Antonio Villamandos


Best Animation with interactive elements - Newgrounds Flash Forward Jam 2021.

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